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Heating bulb guard

A great variety of heating bulb guards for farms. We will assess you regarding the purchase of heating bulb guards depending on the kind of farm and the bulb used. We will advise you regarding your purchase.


The best-seller
Lamp unit with 5 m cable - 3 switch Ref.: 3312
13.45 € 13.45 € 13.450000000000001 EUR
Interheat lamp protector (2.5m) with switch, p/2 Ref.: 2956
25.56 € 25.56 € 25.560000000000002 EUR
Interheat lamp protector (2.5m), p/2 Ref.: 2955
21.93 € 21.93 € 21.93 EUR
Interheat lamp protector (2.5m), large size, p/10 Ref.: 2768
127.99 € 127.99 € 127.99000000000001 EUR
Interheat light bulb protector, 5-meter cable, 10 units Ref.: 2485
126.87 € 126.87 € 126.87 EUR
Interheat lamp protector (2.5m), p/10 Ref.: 2484
110.67 € 110.67 € 110.67 EUR
Interheat lamp protector (2.5m), large size Ref.: 2346
14.64 € 14.64 € 14.64 EUR
Interheat lamp protector (2.5m) with switch, p/10 Ref.: 955
124.48 € 124.48 € 124.48 EUR
Heat Lamp Protector (2.5m), p/2 Ref.: 224
21.37 € 21.37 € 21.37 EUR

What is a bulb protector?

Bulb protectors are safety systems for heating bulbs that allow to protect both the bulb from possible blows and the people and animals from burns due to an accidental contact with the hot bulb surface.

How to choose a bulb protector?

There are different bulb protectors in the market with distinct features. They provide safety to the people and animals from accidental burns, as well as protecting the bulb from possible blows.

A good bulb protector must be specifically designed for heating bulbs and must have features such as the following:

  • They must be made with special materials that withstand the temperatures generated by the bulb. The devices made with plastic are inadvisable, and those made with more resistant and light materials such as aluminium are preferable.

  • Have appropriate fastening elements to support the weight of the combination of the protector and the bulb. They must never be supported by the power cord.

  • Have a wiring prepared for this use, as well as having enough length for its connection.

  • Consider the option of purchasing bulb protectors that include a switch so the heating device can be switched on and off easily. 

How to install the bulb protectors on a farm?

To install the heating bulbs with their bulb protectors on a farm, it is very important to guarantee the following things:

  • If the protector is fixed to the ceiling, use a chain or metallic cable for this. The weight of the combination of the bulb and the protector must be supported by the chain/ metallic cable and never by the power cord.

  • If the protector is installed over covers of heated corners for piglets, make sure that they are correctly fastened to avoid unwanted movements of the devices that could cause burns to the animals and entail the risk of a fire.

  • Install the bulb protectors at an appropriate distance for the animals, as they should be near enough to the animals to provide them with heat, but far enough to avoid their overheating and burns.

  • Install the protectors so they can be easily accessed for their maintenance, cleaning, and the replacement of bulbs if necessary.

  • Avoid the risk of an electric shock due to the contact of the bulb protectors with water, especially if they are connected to the electric current.

  • Keep the electric cord, as well as the plug for the connection to the electric power network, in good shape.

  • Avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt on the protectors and the bulbs, therefore guaranteeing an optimal functioning of the lamps, improving their life cycle and avoiding the risk of overheating of the bulbs.

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