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Heating bulbs


Gran variedad de bombillas de calefacción en granja, rojas y blancas, en diferentes potencias, desde 100 a 250W. Te asesoramos en la compra de tus bombillas según el tipo de granja.



The best-seller
333 Lamp 175W White-Red PAR Ref.: 3372
5.78 € 5.78 € 5.78 EUR
Philips Heat Lamp 175 watt PAR, p/1 Ref.: 2722
8.79 € 8.79 € 8.790000000000001 EUR
Philips Heat Lamp 150 watt, p/1 Ref.: 2725
8.80 € 8.80 € 8.8 EUR
Philips Heat Lamp 250 watt, p/1 Ref.: 2724
9.20 € 9.20 € 9.200000000000001 EUR
Philips Heat Lamp 100 watt PAR, p/1 Ref.: 2723
9.55 € 9.55 € 9.55 EUR
Interheat Lamp 175W White PAR, p/2 Ref.: 2498
10.63 € 10.63 € 10.63 EUR
Interheat Lamp 100W White PAR, p/2 Ref.: 2497
10.99 € 10.99 € 10.99 EUR
Interheat Lamp 175W Red PAR, p/2 Ref.: 2496
10.63 € 10.63 € 10.63 EUR
Interheat Lamp 100W Red PAR, p/2 Ref.: 2495
10.99 € 10.99 € 10.99 EUR
Interheat Lamp 150W White, p/2 Ref.: 2483
11.87 € 11.87 € 11.870000000000001 EUR
Interheat Lamp 150W Red, p/2 Ref.: 2482
11.87 € 11.87 € 11.870000000000001 EUR
Interheat Lamp 250W White, p/2 Ref.: 2480
10.60 € 10.60 € 10.6 EUR
Interheat Lamp 250W Red, p/2 Ref.: 899
10.60 € 10.60 € 10.6 EUR
Philips Heat Lamp 250 watt White-Red, p/10 Ref.: 422
82.80 € 82.80 € 82.8 EUR
Philips Heat Lamp 150 watt White-Red, p/10 Ref.: 420
70.40 € 70.40 € 70.4 EUR
Philips Heat Lamp 100 watt White-Red PAR, p/12 Ref.: 156
102.60 € 102.60 € 102.60000000000001 EUR
Philips Heat Lamp 175 watt White-Red PAR, p/12 Ref.: 90
91.08 € 91.08 € 91.08 EUR
What is a heating bulb?

They are electric bulbs that generate heat and are used as a heating method for domestic or industrial use, or for animals of any kind. The most common models have a tungsten filament inside a glass bulb. They are also known as heating lamps or heat bulbs.

How does a heating bulb work?

Heating bulbs are incandescence systems that, through electric energy, generate infrared light, providing direct heat without air turbulences on the people, animals or food that we need to heat.

Their functioning is very simple, and like all light or heating bulbs, they have a base for their quick and easy connection to a lamp holder. Once screwed, it will only be necessary to connect them to the power supply, so they work.

What advantages does a heating bulb provide?

Heating bulbs allow to generate, quickly and in any place, a warm and pleasant environment for people and animals. Heating lamps are very easy to install, inexpensive and they do not require previous installations for their functioning.

What precautions must be borne in mind with a heating lamp?

Like with any heating system, heating bulbs must be kept out of the reach of children, as well as bearing in mind some precautions to avoid accidents like burns, fires or electric shocks.

  • As they are heat sources, they must be installed in places with a sufficient distance between the bulb and the people or animals to be heated so they can take advantage of the benefits of the heat but avoiding that they may contact directly with the heat source (the bulb itself).

  • As they are heat sources, the contact with liquid or flammable materials must be prevented to avoid the risk of fire.

  • As they are devices that work with electricity, they must be installed in appropriate places and prevent contact with water to avoid electric shocks.

  • As they are devices that work with electricity, no multiple plugs must be used to avoid their overheating and prevent the risk of fire.

What can a heating bulb be used for?

Heating bulbs offer a whole range of possibilities for their domestic, stockbreeding or industrial use. They are essential for the raising of different animals, both pets and livestock.

  • Domestic use: they are ideal for the quick heating of everyday use areas, such as rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. 

  • Pet raising: they are very helpful to keep the body temperature bot in newborn animals (whether mammals or birds) and to keep optimal living conditions in terrariums for reptiles.

  • Stockbreeding: they are a basic element to overcome possible hypothermia problems in farm animals during their first stages of life. Heat bulbs for chicks or piglets are essential to ensure a good thermal comfort.

  • Use in the restaurant business: they allow to have hot areas for keeping a correct temperature of the cooked dishes before serving them.

What is needed to use a heating bulb?

Heating bulbs, like the rest of the bulbs, will need:

  • An appropriate lamp that can bear the heat power generated by the bulb. Plastic lamp holders must be avoided.

  • A connection to the power supply for the lamp.

  • A protection element for the bulb to avoid that it breaks and causes burns.

How to protect a heating bulb?

There are, in the market, different bulb protectors that provide protection against accidental blows, avoiding irreparable damages on the bulb and also serious contact burns due to an accidental contact, both in the case or animals and people. Visit our bulb protector section at 333shop.

Bulb protectors especially designed for heating bulbs provide multiple advantages:

  • They are made with materials that are especially prepared to withstand the temperatures generated by the bulb.

  • They have fastening elements to support the weight of the protector and the bulb.

  • They have a suitable cable for their use, as well as having a sufficient length for their connection.

How to choose a heating bulb?

To choose the most suitable kind of bulb for our needs we will have to look at three important things:

  • The bulb wattage: it can go from 50 to 500W, although the most frequent ones go from 100 to 250W.

  • The colour of the bulb: most of them will be red or white, but we can also find green or blue ones.

  • The kind of glass of the bulb: with standard, tempered or pressed glass. We must underline the pressed glass PAR 38 bulbs, that are robust and resistant.

Which are the most appropriate bulbs for piglets?

The bulbs more frequently used for piglets are normally the red PAR 38 175-W bulbs with standard E27 base and 240V. The 333 bulb has been specifically designed to provide a god thermal comfort to piglets.

Thanks to the wide range of bulbs available at 333shop you will be able to find the one that better suits your needs. 

Which are the most appropriate bulbs for chicks?

For the raising of chicks, we would recommend red-coloured infrared heating bulbs with a wattage of between 150 and 250W. These bulbs generate heat radiations, but they do not provide so much light as the white bulbs. An excess of light in these stages in the rearing of chicks could affect their future development.

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