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Captive bolt pistol

We have the best captive bolt pistols in stock. Ideal for ensuring an euthanasia process that avoids that the animals to be put down onfarm or that the animals that are slaughtered at households do not suffer unnecessary pain. We also have a wide range of cartridges, depending of the weight of the animals to be slaughtered, for the correct functioning of the captive bolt pistol. In the case of fowl farms, we have pistols with a non-penetrating bolt that are very effective for euthanising fowl. We will advise you regarding your purchase.


The best-seller
Blitz-Kerner Captive Bolt Stunner Ref.: 13
151.77 € 151.77 € 151.77 EUR
Turbocut Captive bolt gun Blitz Schlag Ref.: 4202
283.46 € 283.46 € 283.46 EUR
Green cartridges Blitz-Kerner, 50 pieces Ref.: 295
20.06 € 20.06 € 20.06 EUR
Yellow cartridges Blitz-Kerner, 50 pieces Ref.: 836
20.06 € 20.06 € 20.06 EUR
Red cartridges Blitz-Kerner, 50 pieces Ref.: 17
20.06 € 20.06 € 20.06 EUR
Blue cartridges Blitz-Kerner, 50 pieces Ref.: 5156
20.06 € 20.06 € 20.06 EUR
Stunning pistol for small animals Ref.: 5186
123.50 € 123.50 € 123.5 EUR
Bullen Blitz special captive bolt gun for cattle Ref.: 5725
284.00 € 284.00 € 284.0 EUR

What is a stunning pistol?

A stunning pistol is a device that causes the loss of consciousness of the animal as a previous step before its slaughter.

It allows to avoid unnecessary suffering to the animals that are going to be slaughtered.

Kinds of stunning pistols

The man trait that allows to differentiate the different kinds of stunning pistols is the mechanism used for causing the loss of consciousness of the animal.

Basically, there are the penetrating and non-penetrating systems.

The pistols with a captive bolt pierce the skull and cause a severe brain lesion that brings about a complete unconsciousness.

The pistols with a non-penetrating captive bolt cause a severe concussion on the animal’s skull, and this brings about the loss of consciousness due to the blow received. These non-penetrating models are mainly designed for fowl.

What is a stunning pistol used for?

The purpose of the stunning pistol is not to slaughter the animal, but to cause its total loss of consciousness, so the animal can be slaughtered immediately.

They are especially appropriate for both the on-farm emergency slaughtering of animals and as a stunning method for slaughters at home. In the case of professional abattoirs, it is recommended to use special devices.

How to use a stunning pistol?

Before using the device, its integrity and good condition must be checked. 

Steps for using the stunning pistol safely:

  1. Load the stunning pistol: Introduce the appropriate cartridge for the species and size of the animal. Make sure that it is introduced in the correct position. Close the stunning pistol correctly.

  2. Cock the pistol: This action prepares the pistol so it can be shot. Be especially careful now and do not take aim at nobody. Hold the stunning pistol safely. This shall only be done immediately before shooting.

  3. Shoot: Hold the stunning pistol firmly and safely. Place the muzzle on the appropriate area of the skull for each species (check the instructions manual for each pistol).

    Do not move the device during the shot.

  4. Remove the shell: This action shall be carried out after each shot.

    Use the available removal systems in each pistol. Do not use inappropriate tools for the removal of the shells, because they can damage the device.

  5. Cleaning: After removing the shell, clean the device to avoid remains of gunpowder and corrosions.

Which cartridges to choose for a stunning pistol

The choice of cartridges that will be used in the stunning pistols is directly related to the kind of animals on which they will be used. Depending on the weight of the animals the load of the cartridges will be higher or lower.

Therefore, for animals such as pigs or lambs, as well as for fowl or very young animals (piglets, lambs, kids), cartridges with a low load shall be used (green cartridges).

For medium-sized animals, such as sheep, goats, sows, young calves or cows, the cartridges to be used are yellow, and they have a medium load.

The cartridges recommended for heavy animals such as young bulls are blue.

Finally, for very heavy animals such as bulls and horses, the cartridges have the maximum load, and they are red.

Preventive measures regarding the stunning pistol

  • Always follow the safety instructions included in the instructions manual of each of the devices.

  • The user and the people that are near them should use appropriate ear protection.

  • In case that a cartridge does not fire, wait for at least 30 seconds before replacing it

  • Do not shoot in a flammable or explosive atmosphere.

  • Do not modify the original devices.

  • Never aim the device at yourself or other people.

  • Do not hold the pistol against your hand or any other part of the body.

  • Keep your balance and a comfortable and safe stance during its use.

  • Do not use the device if it is not in perfect condition.

  • Never leave a loaded device unattended.

  • Unload the pistol before cleaning it.

  • The device must be used by adults. For professional use.

  • Do not store the cartridges in wet or hot places.

There are spare parts available for the stunning pistol?

The stunning pistols can be repaired and there are spare parts available. Nevertheless, it is recommendable that the repairs of these devices are carried out by trained staff that is knowledgeable regarding the functioning of these devices.

In the case of specific stunning pistols for industrial abattoirs, it is essential that any repairs or validations of their functioning are carried out by staff authorized by the manufacturer.

Personal advising

We will help you to choose the most appropriate device for your needs. 

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