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Carcass carts and containers

All kinds of carcass containers for farms. Made in glass fibre, plastic or metallic. Colection system with trigger or capstan. We also have carcass carts, to transport the carcasses to the containers. We will advise you regarding your purchase.


The best-seller
Carcass Trolley with winch Ref.: 2488
331.33 € 331.33 € 331.33 EUR
Carcass Container with winch, 1,500 lts (optional wheels) Ref.: 974
1,177.35 € 1,177.35 € 1177.3500000000001 EUR
The best-seller
Carcass Container with trigger, 950 lts Ref.: 241
884.40 € 884.40 € 884.4 EUR
Carcass Container with winch, 950 lts Ref.: 214
795.80 € 795.80 € 795.8000000000001 EUR
Carcass Container with trigger, 440 lts Ref.: 215
610.50 € 610.50 € 610.5 EUR
Carcass Container with winch, 440 lts Ref.: 687
561.00 € 561.00 € 561.0 EUR
Carcass Trolley Ref.: 2494
242.66 € 242.66 € 242.66 EUR
Container Cover, 950 lts Ref.: 2419
153.98 € 153.98 € 153.98 EUR
Polyethylene Carcass Container, 440 lts Ref.: 1141
268.83 € 268.83 € 268.83 EUR
Polyethylene Carcass Container, 950 lts Ref.: 1140
380.72 € 380.72 € 380.72 EUR
Cooler Unit Coolmax 5m3 Ref.: 696
1,961.92 € 1,961.92 € 1961.92 EUR
Rubber wheels “200” for 950- and 1,500-litre containers Ref.: 345
130.05 € 130.05 € 130.05 EUR
Stainless steel carcass trolley Ref.: 44
465.75 € 465.75 € 465.75 EUR
Galvanised wheelbarrow for corpses, special for sows Ref.: 3602
496.00 € 496.00 € 496.0 EUR
Porky’s pick-up carcass trolley (Fattening pigs) Ref.: 4836
3,622.50 € 3,622.50 € 3622.5 EUR
Porky's pick-up XL carcass trolley (Sows) Ref.: 4837
5,692.50 € 5,692.50 € 5692.5 EUR
Ride-on platform for Porky's Pick-up Ref.: 4838
356.10 € 356.10 € 356.1 EUR
Porky’s XL 2.0 carcass trolley pickup + replacement battery Ref.: 4839
6,785.00 € 6,785.00 € 6785.0 EUR
Replacement battery for Porky's XL 2.0 Pick-Up Ref.: 4840
673.00 € 673.00 € 673.0 EUR
Lid for 440L container Ref.: 4853
50.00 € 50.00 € 50.0 EUR

What kinds of carcass containers are there?

The different kinds of the most frequent approved carcass containers will depend on their capacity, material and emptying system.

The most common materials with which they are made are polyethylene, stainless steel and hot dip galvanised iron.

Regarding their capacity, it will depend on the animal species and their size. Therefore, for small species, the small and medium containers would be the most suitable ones. For medium-sized species, such as pigs. the most appropriate ones will be the medium-and large-sized, depending on if they are for piglets or sows. 

The emptying system will be another element for the classification of the carcass containers. The capstan emptying system provides a slow tipping over of the container, and the trigger emptying system provides a quicker but abrupt emptying. It is important to check with the carcass collection system in your area to know which is the recommended unloading method in a certain region.

What is the trigger of the carcass container for?

The mission of the trigger is to provide a quicker emptying of the container when the carcass management service removes the dead animals.

The capstan emptying system allows a slower but less abrupt emptying than the trigger system.

What is the difference between carcass containers with or without trigger?

The difference lays on the speed of the emptying of the container on the lorry of the carcass management system.

The containers without a trigger have a tipping system activated by the attachment of a cable that will allow the slow turning of the container until it tilts, and thanks to the force of gravity, the carcasses start to fall onto the lorry of the carcass management service.

The containers with a trigger mechanism allow a much quicker emptying because the container opens suddenly as the trigger becomes activated. The tipping movement is immediate, causing the quick falling of the carcasses contained in it.

In which species is it compulsory to use carcass containers?

The management of the carcasses on a farm is a key element for a correct waste management.

All the farms must have a legal and effective carcass management system, and it is in this system where the carcass container plays a decisive role.

In large species, such as cattle and horses, the use of containers is unfeasible, and devices to cover the carcasses can be used until they can be removed by the carcass management system.

It is essential to have a container for the management of the carcasses, but the container should in perfect condition: it must close well and not have cracks that may facilitate the entry of animals or the leakage of fluids.

Where to place the carcass container on the farm?

The appropriate spot for placing the carcass container shall fulfil the following requirements:

It must be placed outside the farm and as far away from it as possible, because due to biosecurity reasons it is crucial that the carcass gathering lorry has no contact with the farm at all.

It must be installed in a place and in such a way that allows an easy filling of the container with the carcasses generated on the farm. It is recommendable to place it in a ditch, so the container is positioned quite low and it is easy to introduce the carcasses in it.

It must be placed in a spot with an easy access for the carcass collection lorry and that allows to carry out the container unloading operations easily.

It must be placed in a spot that is easy to access that allows a good maintenance of the container.

It must be placed in a spot that avoids an unwanted access by animals or people.

It must be placed in a spot that avoids high temperatures. For small species such as fowl and rabbits, it is recommendable to use freezers to store the carcasses until moving them to the container a little before the lorry collects them.

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