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Carts for carcasses on the farm

We have all kinds of carts for the gathering of carcasses to take them to the container. Manually-operated and electric carts. We willl advise you regardng your purchase.


The best-seller
Carcass Trolley with winch Ref.: 2488
331.33 € 331.33 € 331.33 EUR
Carcass Trolley Ref.: 2494
242.66 € 242.66 € 242.66 EUR
Stainless steel carcass trolley Ref.: 44
465.75 € 465.75 € 465.75 EUR
Galvanised wheelbarrow for corpses, special for sows Ref.: 3602
496.00 € 496.00 € 496.0 EUR
Porky’s pick-up carcass trolley (Fattening pigs) Ref.: 4836
3,622.50 € 3,622.50 € 3622.5 EUR
Porky's pick-up XL carcass trolley (Sows) Ref.: 4837
5,692.50 € 5,692.50 € 5692.5 EUR
Ride-on platform for Porky's Pick-up Ref.: 4838
356.10 € 356.10 € 356.1 EUR
Porky’s XL 2.0 carcass trolley pickup + replacement battery Ref.: 4839
6,785.00 € 6,785.00 € 6785.0 EUR
Replacement battery for Porky's XL 2.0 Pick-Up Ref.: 4840
673.00 € 673.00 € 673.0 EUR

What are the carcass carts for?

Carcass carts are used for carrying the losses to the containers, where they will be later removed from the farm.

They allow an efficient, safe and clean transport to the place where the carcasses are stored, improving the biosecurity on the farm.

Are carcass carts compulsory?

They are not compulsory, but they facilitate the transport of the dead animals. They simplify the tasks on the farm staff, because they allow to carry the carcasses effortlessly, improving the working and health conditions of the workers.

How to choose a carcass cart?

The things that we must bear in mind for choosing the most suitable carcass cart for our needs will be especially related to the weight of the animals to be carried. The needs will not be the same on a sow farm (large and heavy animals) than on a piglet farm (small and light animals).

Another thing to look for when choosing the carcass cart will be the distance to the container. The longer the distance, the more comfort and safety that will be needed. There are electric carcass carts that facilitate the carrying of the carcasses, especially when picking large and heavy animals.

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