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Floor slats

All kinds of floors to guarantee the maximum comfort in all the pig production stages, from the farrowing quarters to the end of fattening. We also have all the equipment needed for their installation and maintenance, such as joists, supports and profiles. We will advise you regarding your purchase.


COMBI-FLOOR plastic slat for sows (10x40cm) Ref.: 4955
3.60 € 3.60 € 3.6 EUR
COMBI-FLOOR (60x40cm) plastic slats for sows Ref.: 4888
13.00 € 13.00 € 13.0 EUR
COMBI-FLOOR (60x40cm) blind plastic slats for sows Ref.: 4889
15.80 € 15.80 € 15.8 EUR
COMBI-FLOOR (60x40cm) with 10% opening plastic slats for piglets and weaners Ref.: 4887
11.70 € 11.70 € 11.700000000000001 EUR
COMBI-FLOOR (60x40cm) grey cast iron slats for sows Ref.: 4890
23.20 € 23.20 € 23.2 EUR
COMBI-FLOOR (60x60cm) grey cast iron slats for sows Ref.: 4891
38.00 € 38.00 € 38.0 EUR
Click In - Floor. Ref.: 3218
2.60 € 2.60 € 2.6 EUR
Rotecna blind slat 10% open, 60x60 cm Ref.: 3984
21.39 € 21.39 € 21.39 EUR
Blind slat 60x80 cm Ref.: 4176
32.16 € 32.16 € 32.160000000000004 EUR
Wean-to-finish slat 60x50 cm Ref.: 4492
13.99 € 13.99 € 13.99 EUR
60x50 cm Rotecna Weaners + Sows blind slats Ref.: 4097
21.43 € 21.43 € 21.43 EUR
60x60 cm Rotecna Weaners + Sows blind slats Ref.: 4098
23.19 € 23.19 € 23.19 EUR
60x40-cm Rotecna Weaners + Sows blind slats Ref.: 3963
17.69 € 17.69 € 17.69 EUR
Weaner Slat 10x40 cm Ref.: 3198
3.39 € 3.39 € 3.39 EUR
Weaner Slat 10x50 cm Ref.: 3199
4.22 € 4.22 € 4.22 EUR
Weaner Slat 20x40 cm Ref.: 3200
5.38 € 5.38 € 5.38 EUR
Weaner Slat 60x40 cm Ref.: 3193
10.49 € 10.49 € 10.49 EUR

What are slats?

This is the type of flooring used on pig farms. It is a flooring system characterized by holes that allow animal feces and urine to fall directly into the slurry pit. Slats keep the animals clean and dry and reduce heat loss through contact with the floor surface.

Slats should provide comfort, with the necessary grip in order to prevent surfaces from becoming slippery and compromising animal welfare.

What characteristics should I look for in slats?

Flooring for pigs must meet several requirements to ensure animal welfare on the farm. The main characteristics being that the floor should not be slippery, nor have sharp edges or areas to prevent injuries to the animals. It is important that the slats have appropriate holes according to the size of the animals.

The design of the slat must be appropriate for the weight of the pigs, so we must choose the slats according to the size of the animal. This adaptation is essential to prevent harm to the animals, as well as to avoid premature warping of the installations.


Types of slats for pigs

Before purchasing slats, we must be aware of the major types of slats available on the market, in terms of both the material of which they are made and the percent surface area the holes account for in the slats.


Plastic slats

Plastic slats are usually used on pig farms that have farrowing rooms and nursery piglets.


Cast-iron slats

Slats made of cast iron are suitable in barns with sows in farrowing rooms.

Concrete slats: 

Slats made of concrete are mainly used in finishing pig barns due to the heavy weight they must support.

Solid slats or slats with a low % of openings.

These solid slats have several applications:

  • They provide resting surfaces for both sows in farrowing and piglets in the farrowing room and nursery stages. They provide an ideal resting surface for sows, minimizing shoulder ulcer problems and teat damage.

  • They facilitate the thermal insulation of the animals, as well as protect them against air currents and gases coming from the pits. These slats are ideal for installation under radiant heat sources, as they will prevent temperature losses.

How are slats installed?

The installation of slats on farms must be carried out by personnel with the required knowledge to ensure good results, both for the animals and for the durability and quality of the installation.

Aspects such as the supports and profiles to be used for its installation, as well as the side finishings should be considered, in addition to incorporating the fixtures of the elements to be installed on its surface, whether they be feeders, crates, panels or any other element that needs to be fixed.

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