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Wild boar

Wild boar repellents. Keep wild animals away from your farm or fields. We will advise you regarding your purchase.


Wolf urine (wild boar repellent), 250 ml Ref.: 4086
19.56 € 19.56 € 19.56 EUR
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Wolf urine repellent for wild boars 1 L Ref.: 4495
43.28 € 43.28 € 43.28 EUR
Jabalex Repellent for wild boars, 10 kg Ref.: 3240
97.56 € 97.56 € 97.56 EUR
Jabalex Repellent for wild boars, 5 kg Ref.: 3890
58.50 € 58.50 € 58.5 EUR
Jabalex Repellent for wild boars, 2 kg Ref.: 3241
25.64 € 25.64 € 25.64 EUR
Solar Energisers Llampec Model 18S Ref.: 1048
365.00 € 365.00 € 365.0 EUR
Solar Energisers Llampec Model 16S Ref.: 1047
256.98 € 256.98 € 256.98 EUR
12V Battery Energisers: Internal 12-V Battery Llampec Model 18 Ref.: 1044
199.03 € 199.03 € 199.03 EUR
230V Mains Energisers Llampec 19 “MAX” Ref.: 1039
208.61 € 208.61 € 208.61 EUR
230V Mains Energisers Llampec R17 Ref.: 1035
228.14 € 228.14 € 228.14000000000001 EUR

How does a wild boar repellent work?

They are products that contain natural ingredients, they are easy to apply, not classified as toxic products, do not contain chemical nor active substances and whose handling is not dangerous.

They are not harmful for domestic animals, like cats and dogs, nor to the environment.

Suitable for farms, crops, gardens and forest estates.

In the case of the liquid repellent, the wild boar smell the urine of their predator and get scared because they think that there are wolves in the area.

In the case of the solid repellent, it consists in a feed that attracts the wild boar because of its smell. After being consumed in small amounts (50 gr), they experiment an unpleasant sensation and they leave the area and do not come back.

What smell chases wild boar away?

The smell that they relate to the smell of their predators.

Where should the wild boar repellent be used? 

It is preferable to use it outdoors because its smell (especially that of the liquid repellent) can be very strong.

If the solid repellent is used, it can be used in areas of a garden or forest where we wish to avoid the access of wild boar.

How to use / apply the wild boar repellent?

The manufacturer’s directions for use should be followed, but usually, in the case of the liquid repellent, small volumes of the product diluted in water are used. 

The liquid repellent can be placed in a water bottle with holes placed just above the ground, because the animals that we wish to chase away are not very tall. In this way the animals will be able to smell the repellent and we will also be protecting it from the rain. 

Another way of applying the liquid repellent consists in soaking a series of cloths with the repellent and placing them around the perimeter that we wish to protect.

If the solid repellent is used, it should be placed on transit areas frequently used by wild boar, divided into small amounts and protected from rain. It is advisable not to concentrate the product on a single spot.

If there are already wild boar in the area, it is preferable to place small amounts of solid repellent as consumption indicators and locate the rest randomly depending on the area to be controlled. It must be specially placed in the entry points of the animals, but outside the limit of the perimeter, to control their incursion. It is recommendable to place the repellent some 5-10 metres away from the perimeter, as well as to scatter odd grains outside the perimeter to prevent that they reach the area.

It is recommendable to use some 50 gr of solid repellent per wild boar to be chased away. This will allow to drive off 20 wild boar per kg of product.

How long does the effect of the wild boar repellent last?

In dry climates it is recommendable to apply the liquid repellent every 3 weeks.

In the case of the solid repellent, it lasts for 2 months if protected from rain. Otherwise, and if under the rain and unprotected, it can last for only some days. It is recommendable to use a tile as protection.

If an invasion of wild boar in expected in an area where they were not present before, the solid product can be applied using half the recommended amount, in small piles located every 10-20 metres around the perimeter in order to control the possible consumption of the repellent.

Where to place the wild boar repellent?

It is recommendable to use it around the perimeter of the area to be protected, and not inside it.

Apply it in small amounts and protected from rain in the transit areas frequently visited by the wild boar.

It is not advised to concentrate the product on a single spot.

Place it specially in the wild boars’ entry points, but outside the limit of the perimeter to be controlled in order to avoid the incursion of the animals.

Accessories for the wild boar repellent

It is recommendable to protect the wild bar repellents applied from the rain. The use of tiles as a protective element is considered a good solution.

We will help you to choose the best wild boar repellent according to your needs.

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