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Free Chlorine Checker (0-2.50 ppm)

57.00 € 57.00 € 57.0 EUR + VAT

57.00 €

Free Chlorine Checker (0-2.50 ppm)



The pocket free chlorine meter Checker HANNA HI701 is a digital colorimeter for the carrying out of the chlorine test.


57.00 € 57.00 € 57.0 EUR + VAT

57.00 €

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    Hanna Instruments is the world leader in laboratory equipment innovation. It develops and manufactures technically advanced instruments that are easy to use for electrochemical and photometric measurements, and electrodes.

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    The low-range free chlorine checker or meter HI701 comes as a complete set, with trays with a lid (2), powdered reagent for 6 tests, battery, instructions and a quick user’s guide

    • Accurate and easy measurements
    • Directly shows the chlorine value on the screen
    • Possibility of using it with powdered or liquid reagent

    The free chlorine meter Checker HANNA HI701 is a digital colorimeter for carrying out chlorine levels tests. The low-range colorimeter HI701 comes as a complete set, with two trays with lid, powdered reagent for 6 tests, battery, instructions and a quick user’s guide, so with some simple steps you can obtain an accurate reading.

    The benefits of chlorine in the water are many, and they are the ones that exalt the use of this product both in the case of drinking water tanks and for the maintenance of swimming pools. Above all, we must highlight that it is a powerful germicide, because it reduces the level of pathogenic microorganisms in the water to levels that are almost impossible to measure. Chlorination allows to control the flavour and smells by reducing them, and this is because chlorine oxidises naturally occurring substances, such as the secretions from foul-smelling algae and the smell of rotting plants. Chlorine provides water with odourless properties and changes its flavour slightly.

    Our checkers are portable, so you can take them with you to wherever you need them. Also, the action of pressing a single button will allow you to obtain accurate results easily.

    Obtain accurate results when testing water with our simple hand-held meter. There is no need for you to determine the colours: our portable colorimeter gets rid of this problem of obtaining a reading by looking to a colour chart by providing a direct result.

    With the HI701 chlorine meter you will measure this parameter easily, accurately and profitably. Free chlorine is the active version of chlorine, and it is used for the disinfection of drinking water, swimming pools and spas. It has been designed as a more accurate alternative to the chemical tests. The HI701 provides quick and accurate reading with some simple steps:


    Step 1: Add a sample to the tray (included).

    Step 2: Introduce the sample in the chlorine checker and press the button to reset.

    Step 3: Remove the tray with the sample and add the reagent as shown in the manual.

    Step 4: Introduce the sample again and press the button for 3 seconds to obtain the readings.

    Ideal for: Water quality, the environment, education, swimming pools, spas, hotel and restaurant industry, industrial processes and the food industry.

    HANNA’s chlorine checkers are small, portable and, above all, provide more accurate readings than the typical chemical tests. They provide an improved technology, and their simple design allows us to obtain a measurement easily and without complications.

    This photometers or digital tests are a bridge between the very simple test kits and the professional instruments, such as a calibratable photometer.

    The conventional test kits are not accurate, and the reading totally depends on the user that is seeing the colour. Due to this, HANNA has digitalised this reading and has obtained an accurate portable digital chlorine colorimeter.

    The Checker® is accurate and very affordable.

    The novel shape of the chlorine Checker adapts to the shape of your hand and to your pocket. Also, the LCD screen is easy to read, with an automatic switch off function in case that you forget to turn it off.

    Our chlorine meter is easier to use and more accurate that the visual test kits because of its:

    • High accuracy

    • Big numbers that are easy to read

    • Automatic switch off function

    • Meter dedicated to a single parameter

    • Designed to work with HANNA’s reagent

    • It uses 10-ml glass trays

    • Small-sized, very comfortable to use

    • It only weighs 64 g. The Checker® fits easily in your hand or pocket

    • It uses the HI701 meter for a quick and accurate analysis

    • Operated with a single button: zero and reading

    • It works with a single general AAA battery

    • Range: 0.00-2.50 ppm
    • Resolution: 0.01 ppm
    • Accuracy at 25 ° C: ± 0.03 ppm ± 3% from the reading
    • 525-nm LED light source
    • Silicone photocell light detector
    • USEPA 330.5 adaptation method and 4500-Cl G Standard Method.
    • Environmental temperature: 0-50°C; Maximum RH: 95% without condensation
    • Kind of battery (1): 1.5V AAA
    • Automatic switching off after two minutes without use
    • Measurements: 81.5 mm x 61 mm x 37.5 mm
    • Weight: 64 g
    • Provided with (2) trays with lid, initiation kit with free chlorine reagent for 6 tests (6 packs with powdered reagent), battery, instructions and quick user’s guide.
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