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Diatomaceous earth 2 kg

13.00 € 13.00 € 15.73 EUR + VAT

13.00 €

Final price: 15.73 €

Diatomaceous earth 2 kg



Diatomaceous earth powder for domestic animal environment care.


13.00 € 13.00 € 15.73 EUR + VAT

13.00 €

Final price: 15.73 €

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    European specialist in personal- and professional-use products for controlling all kinds of pests with a non-existent or minimal impact on the environment.

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    The action is purely mechanical and is exerted by the abrasive effect of solid and sharp micro-particles that irritate the chitinous integument of insects, affecting its structure, causing dehydration and limiting the proliferation and development of insects and arachnids, such as red scale, ticks, etc.

    Diatomaceous earth is also an excellent treatment to protect chickens against bedbugs.

    Product of 100% natural origin

    Mechanical (abrasion) and dehydrating action that prevents the proliferation and development of insects and arachnids, such as red lice and ticks.

    88 % silicon dioxide (microgranules).

    Physical barrier effect protection, use on animals and their environment. For household and crawling insects that parasitize and bother animals and pets.

    • The whole range against crawling insects: fleas, spiders, ticks, red lice, ants, cockroaches, etc.

    Composition: 100% Diatomaceous Earth. Product obtained and ground as it is, in its natural state, without industrial alterations, of 100% natural origin.

    Mechanical action. Creates a barrier to the installation and development of crawling insects, their larvae and eggs, on animals, such as fleas, ticks, red lice, bedbugs, and other household insects, such as ants, cockroaches, etc. that cannot stay where there is algae dust. Therefore, it prevents the infestation of nests and colonies of insects, which will have to choose other places to thrive.

    In animals, apply directly in small quantities in a dry bath, against the grain. For its natural drying and sanitizing action. The bugs that usually come onto the animals, will not be able to be near them.

    The applied places, usually parasitized, will remain clean.

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