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Detector for NH3 G7C Blackline

921.48 € 921.48 € 921.48 EUR + VAT

921.48 €

Detector for NH3 G7C Blackline


Monogas detector with connectivity to download the readings taken.


921.48 € 921.48 € 921.48 EUR + VAT

921.48 €

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    G7c Blackline is the world's first gas detector with 4G connectivity and integrated lone worker monitoring and evacuation management tools, connecting workers with supervisory personnel in real time.


    • The devices automatically monitor workers and call for help, even when the employee is unable to do so.
    • G7c offers extensive gas coverage with a unique modular design, tailoring gas detection to every industry, application, and scenario.
    • If a gas leak, fall, or non-motion incident is detected, the assisted GPS capability guides responders directly to the location of the affected worker.
    • G7c provides critical information and situational awareness to optimize emergency responses, enabling teams to react with all the information needed for rescues in complex and hazardous environments.
    • The devices communicate all safety and gas detection incidents to live monitoring teams, who can mobilize response teams to the exact location of an employee or activate evacuations in real time when necessary.


    • G7c Blackline has 4G (they work with phone cards soldered to their motherboard) and do not need any other accessories to connect to the network. 
    • The detector sends its information to the internet (the cloud) and the user accesses this data from any device that can connect to the internet, accessing its portal. 
    • The G7c works anywhere with 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile coverage in over 200 countries to connect you directly to the Blackline security network.
    • Depending on your service plan, your G7c may have two-way voice communication capability.
    • Connectivity is complemented by a two-way industrial speakerphone, text messaging, and location tracking.

    Access to logged data

    • With Blackline Analytics, review the data collected by your fleet of devices to make decisions, track your equipment and check that everything is working properly.
    • Choose from various reports and filters to explore the data.
    • Blackline Analytics is integrated directly into the Blackline Live portal, so anyone with access can view your organization's data, as well as customer data.
    • If users only have access to certain groups of devices, they will only see data relating to those specific devices.
    • License included with the portal for 2 years from purchase. Subsequent bi-annual renewal required (renewal cost not included).

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