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Bullen Blitz special captive bolt gun for cattle

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284.00 €

Bullen Blitz special captive bolt gun for cattle



Bullen Blitz heavy cattle stunner. Ideal for cattle and very heavy animals.

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284.00 € 284.00 € 284.0 EUR + VAT

284.00 €

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    Special captive bolt stunner for cattle and very heavy animals.


    At the end of the trigger there is a hook which is used to extract the cartridge once the shot has been fired.

    Loading and use

    1. Unscrew the head, place the bullet in the chamber (9 x 17 mm caliber) with the firing pin facing upwards. The power of the bullet is indicated by colors on the firing pin.
      1. Green (light) For pigs and small cattle
      2. Yellow (medium) For cows, horses, and small oxen
      3. Red (very heavy) For very heavy cattle
    2. Screw the head on tightly. Take special care that the washer is not twisted when screwing on the head. The opening should be opposite the trigger.
    3. Pull up the firing pin by the handle until the trigger engages with an audible sound. The device is now loaded.
    4. The device must be held firmly with both hands on the skull of the animal - the head, the trigger, and the loaded firing pin - and the shot is fired by pressing the trigger. Make sure that the trigger is fully depressed.
    5. If the bullet is jammed, it can be removed by means of the trigger puller, which is shaped like a hook, by placing it in the groove in the recess where the bullet is placed (= intermediate piece).
    6. CAUTION! Always place the gun on the animal's skull as firmly as possible, do not place it on the upper part: be aware that you can never place the lower part of the gun, where the bolt comes out, against your body, especially if you are examining a possible jamming.
    7. If the gun does not work, proceed as follows: Unscrew the head and remove the bullet. Check if the firing pin is functioning properly. In any other case, send the device to your distributor.
    9. The proper functioning of the gun is guaranteed if you use the ammunition supplied by us. Additional ammunition ordered from us will be delivered as soon as possible.


    It is recommended to clean the gun carefully after each use. Also, if the gun is not to be used for a long period of time, it should be cleaned thoroughly, as dust may cause the gun to jam.

    1. Unscrew the lock.
    2. Remove the spring from the bolt.
    3. Remove the bolt together with the rubber buffer. Clean the barrel and the recess where the bullet is placed (intermediate piece) with the brushes provided and, if necessary, clean with oil, then lubricate all parts with oil (do not impregnate the rubber buffer with oil).
    4. Put the bolt, rubber stopper, and bolt spring in place in this order; screw in the seal.
    5. It is recommended to clean the disassembled head in oil or any other strong cleaning agent.
    6. Make sure that the gun is working properly by placing the rod without any brushes screwed into the hole where the bullet is placed. Press until the bolt protrudes about 75 mm from the pistol lock, feeling the spring force and yielding as you release the pressure.

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