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Active NS - Slurry additive, 10Kg

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145.00 €

Active NS - Slurry additive, 10Kg



Slurry additive. Reduces the slurry ammonia emissions. 


145.00 € 145.00 € 145.0 EUR + VAT

145.00 €

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    Active NS optimiza su gestión del purín, reduce el olor y les aporta más nitrógeno. Te asesoramos en la compra.

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    • Powdered Active NS. It works following the exchange principle of ions with a negative and positive charge. This attaches ammonia to the slurry, making the ammonia emissions decrease greatly.
    • The product also has a positive effect on the slurry when agitated, producing a more homogeneous mass that is easier to handle.


    • Optimal handling of the slurry.
    • Less work.
    • Less smells and ammonia emissions.
    • Better atmosohere on the farm.


    • Active NS is appplied as a powder or disssolved in water, adding 20 g for every m3 of slurry in the slurry pit, agitating vigorously, in 5 different locations in the pit if possible to obtain a good mix.
    • Next, in the pens, when the slurry gutters and tanks are empty, add 20 g per m3 of the amount of slurry expected in each emptying. Active NS will work from the firdst day of its application until the next emptying.
    • Every time that the animals are removed from the pens, the product can be directly applied in the pits and rinsed during the cleaning operations.

    Target species:

    • Active NS can be used for both swine and cattle.


    • Active NS is a completely natural product mainly containing three different kinds of pre-processed clay minerals.

    ACTIVE NS and Animal Welfare:

    Ammonia (NH3) is a gaseous pollutant present in most swine facilities and has significant effects on the respiratory tract and animal welfare of pigs and also their performance. Reducing ammonia emissions inside pig houses is therefore a priority for farmers, both from a biosecurity and economic point of view.

    An ideal solution is Active NS slurry additive, a 100% natural product based on three types of pre-processed clays, with a very high capacity to bind ammonia to the slurry and therefore to reduce its emissions and improve the on-farm environment. Active NS is very easy to apply, it is applied as a powder or dissolved in water, adding 20 gr/m3 of slurry at the beginning of each animal cycle, preferably when the barns are empty and clean.

    Active NS complies with the requirements set in the proposed modification of the Royal Decree 348/2000 on animal welfare, which includes the limitation of gas concentration up to 20 ppm of ammonia measured at the height of the animals' heads.

    Active NS optimizes biogas production

    ACTIVE NS has been specially developed for perfect slurry management in agriculture and biogas plants.

    The benefits of using ACTIVE NS in biogas plants are:

    • Easier agitation of the biomass
    • Less sedimentation in the production tank
    • Easier agitation of the accumulation pit and storage ponds
    • Reduced floating crust in the storage tanks
    • Less odors in storage tanks
    • More fertilizer capacity available for crops
    • Increased gas production
    • Guarantees a more economic production

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